How We Work

SimpleKeep gets your bookkeeping done.


With SimpleKeep, you don’t get accounting software to figure out. Instead, you get a dedicated team to do your bookkeeping for you. You’ll be paired with some of the most qualified and friendliest bookkeepers in the U.S. Have peace of mind knowing that your bookkeeping is being done correctly, by a professional.

Reliable & Accountable

Our bookkeepers are based in the U.S. and have extensive industry experience. Don’t worry about reconciling bank statements, categorizing expenses or even following-up with overdue invoices—we’ll take care of that for you.

Consistent Support

You don’t just get one bookkeeper — you get an entire team of dedicated, US-based bookkeeping professionals who care about your business just as much as you. No more downtime when your accountant goes away on vacation.


We thoroughly train and vet every bookkeeper we hire, which means bookkeepers come from the best schools, undergo a thorough training process and are extremely qualified. We manage the details while you develop the company.

Email to Bookkeeper


Don’t have time to meet with your accountant face-to-face? Don’t worry! No office visits required. Here at SimpleKeep, we work how you work best.


You decide how to communicate and we easily adapt to your needs. Prefer e-mail over phone calls? Your bookkeeping team is here to help and works with you however you work best. Founded by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, we understand how you work.


We make it easy for you to sort out your receipts and record your expenses. Need to upload receipts? Just snap a photo of a receipt, email it to your bookkeeper and they’ll take care of the rest. You have flexible financial reporting, so you can see what matters most to you.


We operate a paperless system so you don’t have to worry about having piles of paper everywhere. Along with financial statements, W2s and 1099s are delivered electronically; no more check writing, pay bills electronically. Financial statements are delivered online and on-time, employees are paid via direct deposit and can access to paystubs and employment history online.

Call Scheduling

Need to go over your financials? Quickly schedule calls with your bookkeeper and they'll give you a call whenever it's convenient for you.


Be confident in the knowledge that your financial data is securely maintained.

Bank Level Security

We take security very seriously. We ensure your data is secure at all times.

You’re Always in Full Control

SimpleKeep works with you so you get to decide what gets paid and when, we simply do the work. You are 100% in control.

Bookkeeper Background Checks

We conduct background checks on every SimpleKeep employee to make sure your accounts are in the safest hands. We make it our duty to ensure the people handling your finances are reliable.


SimpleKeep bookkeepers specialize in the software you use everyday.


Whether you use Xero, Harvest, Square or Paypal, our bookkeepers are trained on the systems you use, so they can meet your needs and provide the best possible service. We have integrations to handle everything from POS to invoicing and time tracking so you can spend less time learning how to use new tools and more time developing your business.

Latest Accounting Technology

We’re experienced in all the tools and technologies you could need to make your bookkeeping run more efficiently.